• Go upstream
    with us.

    Help us shape a better future.

The Upstream pledge consists of three things — two actions to care for our state and one shift in mindset to heal our divides.

Take the Upstream pledge and help reveal who we are here in Minnesota. We’ll send you a decal you can add to your car, your door, your canoe or your water bottle that lets your neighbors know that you are #LovingWhereWeLive.

The Pledge:

Pledge 1
I do things that leave our shared natural places better, stronger and healthier.
Pledge 3
I’ll learn about and celebrate the ways people of different backgrounds care for the place we all live.
Pledge 2
I’ll take my next step in stewardship by finding at least one more thing I can do to care for Minnesota.
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Join as an organization.

Whether your organization is big or small, we want to help amplify the good work you and your team is doing. When you go upstream, you are showing that your love of Minnesota’s natural spaces is something we all have in common.

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