• The need to
    go upstream.

The conversation about the environment is stuck in political debate, leaving out many whose opinions and values may otherwise align.

Yet, as Minnesotans, we take action every day to care for our place, acting from values we share with family, neighbors, and community.

To find common ground, we need to go upstream—bringing together these shared values and the connections we have to our place.

  • Our Principles

We make change with a spirit of optimism…

because real solutions require a belief that better is possible.

We seek out and are inclusive of all people and perspectives…

because we all care about our home state, and our place is shared by all Minnesotans. We are stronger stewards of it together.

We amplify our shared connection to place and common experiences…

because we strive to create a unified culture of caring for our land, water, and air as well as for each other.

We celebrate successes and won’t get stuck on setbacks…

because in embracing new ideas, progress is more valuable than perfection.

We share stories that inspire more positive action…

because it is our combined narratives that shape our Minnesotan culture and identity.

Our Mission

Upstream nurtures Minnesotans’ love for our shared places and cultivates greater trust, connection and stewardship.

Our Vision

We envision a future where all who live and work in Minnesota express their connection across race, ideology and geography through a unified culture of caring for our place and each other.