People of Upstream

Upstream is a collaboration of people who have a passion for celebrating and amplifying the stories of Minnesotans who care for our places and each other. If you are interested in becoming an Upstream ambassador, email

  • Jason Adkins
  • Paul Austin
  • Mike Franklin
  • Ron Harris
  • John Larsen
  • Divya Maiya
  • Christina Norman
  • Sara Pohlad
  • Raj Rajan
  • Jenna Ray
  • Rhys Williams
  • Pahoua Yang Hoffman
  • Huda Ahmed
  • Andy Goldman-Gray

Upstream Mission

An initiative dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the ways Minnesotans from all backgrounds care for our place, while inspiring new actions to be even better stewards of our state.

Upstream Values

  • Equity in Action
  • Teachable Humility
  • Operating from Abundance
  • Respectful Patience
  • Courage to Try