People of Upstream

Upstream is a collaboration of people who have a passion for celebrating and amplifying the stories of Minnesotans who care for our places and each other. If you are interested in becoming an Upstream ambassador, email

  • Jason Adkins
  • Paul Austin
  • Ron Harris
  • John Larsen
  • Christina Norman
  • Jenna Ray
  • Rhys Williams
  • Pahoua Yang Hoffman
  • Laura Bishop
  • Lauren Young
  • Huda Ahmed
  • Andy Goldman-Gray
  • Katrina Hanson

Upstream Mission

Upstream nurtures Minnesotans’ love for our shared places and cultivates greater trust, connection and stewardship.

Upstream Values

  • Equity in Action
  • Teachable Humility
  • Operating from Abundance
  • Respectful Patience
  • Courage to Try